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Looking for a present for your favorite chemist? Here you can find t-shirts, apparel, mugs and other gifts bearing our original designs. Select a topic from the menu on the left and browse our collection of unique chemistry, biochemistry, and laboratory humor designs. By clicking on the design of your choice, you will be linked to our store in where you can see all the products that are available with this design. Click on a product to see details about it. Add it to your cart if you wish to purchase it. When finished shopping, click the checkout button.

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Your Name in Molecules!
Have your name spelled as a molecular structure. Visit the Your name in Molecules section and look for your name molecule. If you cannot find it Contact us and we will be happy to add it.

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Is the meaning of the design not clear?
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The design on the left, The Paradox molecule, featured in The Big Bang Theory, a popular TV series.(see sheldonshirts). Your favorite nerd deserves a Paradox shirt too! Browse through the Molecular Metaphors section, Lab Humor section, and the other sections and find the perfect gift for your scientist.

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